A Level help where and when it is needed

RegentsX staff and advisors are contributing a series of articles for students and parents about teaching learning, revision and examinations. The disruption to GCSE, IGCSE and A-level examinations this year is something nobody wants to repeat. Examination boards around the world are reluctant to cancel A Levels for 2021 and inevitably this will be putting pressure upon candidates studying at the moment.  A-level courses require two years of study and all students have had some or all of their learning interrupted by the pandemic brought about by Covid-19. Syllabus requirements have not changed and so many students sitting A-levels in 2021 will have gaps in their knowledge and will be needing to catch up on work that they should have studied during lockdowns.  Many schools have done a great job of trying to fill these gaps and teach during school closures but there will still be important study areas that are missing. Students need help and this help is at hand.  A-level students study

What does a RegentsX Tuition Package look like ?

Sample Tuition Package for Mathematics AS level DESIGNED BY OUR PRINCIPAL EXAMINER FOR MATHS JAMES NICHOLSON MA, MSc, FSS, FIMA, PGCE Enquiries to RegentsX email: Call: +66 (0)89 313 7777 Web: How does my tuition work? ✓  Our Programme Director will discuss your specific needs with you and allocate one of our skilled tutors. ✓  Your tutor will be with you for 10 hours of learning time. ✓ This incorporates 5 hours of face-to-face teaching time using video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or any platform which can be recorded. ✓ Your tuition package also includes 5 hours of non-contact support: setting assignments, marking each one and giving high quality feedback, answering your queries, and suggesting appropriate resources. If you wanted to focus on Pure Mathematics for AS Level... You will spend 10 hours developing your knowledge and mathematic application of Functions. Your tutor will re-teach the fundamentals to you via v

RegentsX offers first class online A Level tuition

Global College for students around the world With established expertise in online teaching, we are pleased to lend a helping hand to students. Covid-19 has interrupted the education of many young people and RegentsX provides a flexible and affordable solution.  Combining 25 years of world-beating exam results and working with experienced examiners, Regent’s introduces a brand new, tailor-made learning platform. RegentsX offers first class online A Level tuition from expert tutors giving targeted support, examination coaching and useful tips. Regent’s have teamed up with UK Principal Examiners, who set and mark A level examinations, to create a fully online A level education. Online classes are ideal for students who cannot attend school or who want extra help to boost their grades. Tuition is divided into Tutor Packages of 10 Tutor Sessions  (or lessons) per Package and each of these corresponds to a particular section of the A Level examination syllabus. Each package cost THB 9,000 fo